Unlock Your Creativity with Free Presets for Photoshop: A Story of How They Transformed My Editing [Plus 10 Must-Have Presets and Tips for Using Them]

Unlock Your Creativity with Free Presets for Photoshop: A Story of How They Transformed My Editing [Plus 10 Must-Have Presets and Tips for Using Them] All Posts

What are free presets for photoshop?

Free presets for Photoshop is a collection of pre-designed image adjustments, filters and effects. They can be downloaded or created by other photographers and designers to save time in post-processing.

  • The purpose of these presets is to achieve consistent editing results, maintain the style throughout your work or social media channels, especially on Instagram where everything has to be visually appealing.
  • You don’t need to have prior knowledge of photo-editing software as you can experiment with different effects before choosing what looks best for any given project.
  • It saves professional photographers significant amounts of time as they can process large batches of photos at once without having to perform repetitive tasks individually.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Install and Use Free Presets for Photoshop

Are you tired of spending hours editing your photos to try and achieve the perfect look? Look no further than free presets for Photoshop! These pre-made settings can save you time, give your photos a professional finish, and allow endless creative possibilities.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install and use free presets:

Step 1: Find Your Presets
There are countless websites that offer free preset downloads. Simply do a quick search on Google or Pinterest using keywords like “free Lightroom presets” or “Photoshop actions”. Popular websites include Creative Market, FilterGrade, and Adobe Exchange.

Step 2: Download Your Presets
Once you have found your desired preset collection, download it onto your computer. Most often these files will come in .zip folders so be sure to extract them before trying to install anything!

Step 3: Install the Presets into Photoshop
Open up Photoshop CC and select Edit > Preferences > Presets. Here you will see an option labeled “Presets” which is where we’ll load our downloaded files into!

Click “Show Lightroom Develop Presets,” then open the “CameraRaw” folder from inside it (typically C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Camera RawFilters).

Now simply drag-and-drop any new filter (.xmp) file(s) into this directory – they should instantly appear under ‘User Preset’ within Camera Raw’s ‘Presets’ area! Voila! You’re now able utilize whatever filters might’ve caught eye previously ????

Step 4: Apply Those New Filters!
To make best use of all those beautiful presets you just downloaded head over to FILE>OPEN IMAGE in order launch whichever photo editor software has been selected as default by system preferences at setup.

This can either be done with every single image upon opening one-by-one OR if asking me go ahead auto-apply whenever triggered via Edit -> Developtments.

Step 5: Customize To Your Liking
Once you apply the desired preset, don’t be afraid to go in and adjust some of its settings. These can include white balance, exposure, hue/saturation/ luminance etc.

Final Thoughts:
As with anything photography-related practice is key so play around until your heart’s content – at that point simply export and save edits onto whichever file format floats your boat! Presets are a great tool for photographers looking to speed up their editing process without sacrificing quality. Happy Editing!! ????

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Free Presets for Photoshop

As a photographer or graphic designer, you know that achieving the perfect edit is not always easy. It can be time-consuming and challenging to find the right settings for your photos in Adobe Photoshop. But what if we told you that there’s an easier way? Free presets for Photoshop are a great option for streamlining your editing process – but before you start using them, there are five essential facts that you should know.

1) Presets Are Not One-Size-Fits-All

Presets are designed to simplify the photo-editing process by providing pre-made adjustments that can be applied with just one click. They’re incredibly helpful, but it’s important to remember that they don’t work magic on every photograph. Different types of photos require different types of edits. So make sure to choose the preset wisely based on each image’s lighting, exposure and subject matter.

2) Quality Varies Greatly

Not all free presets for Photoshop are created equal! Some may offer quick fixes allowing low quality output while others will produce improvements without compromising resolution, quality or resolution of an image . Always read reviews, check out samples & utilize only ones from reputable websites or creators.

3) Installation Takes Time

Installing free presets isn’t rocket science – most of them come with instructions included – nonetheless it takes some amount of time and attention as well so ensure investing enough energy into getting them installed in correct folders otherwise they won’t show up automatically within photoshop interface.

4) Saving Your Own Presets Can Be More Beneficial

Creating customised presets allows you greater flexibility over adjustments than relying solely on third party options alone.You have full control over multiple aspects (colour-correction,image-enhancement etc.) , which gives authenticity to both style and signature brand identity aesthetics required .

5) Experiment And Discover Your Style

No two photographers or designers create precisely alike; we all have our own unique voice brought about by creative choices such as colour tones,textures, contrast etc. Using free presets as starting points can help you determine the attributes unique to your particular editing style and ultimately provide further knowledge which makes the post-production process even more precise and personalized.

In conclusion, free Photoshop presets are a valuable tool for photo editors, designers or anyone working in digital visual medium who wants to streamline their workflow – after all time is money! With enough research and practice they enable limitless creative potential through streamlining of tedious post production work allowing inventive projects development. Remember failing with one preset isn’t necessarily an indictment on them all ; experimenting creatively & embracing the innovative possibilities while using these tools will undoubtedly make edit processes simpler.plish creativity tasks faster than one thought possible

Beginner’s FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Free Presets for Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the most popular photo editing software out there. Its robust tools and features make it a favorite among professional photographers, graphic designers, and creative professionals across various industries.

One thing that makes Photoshop stand out from other photo editing software is its ability to use presets. Presets are pre-saved settings that automate certain processes in Photoshop such as color correction or image manipulation. Free presets for Photoshop can be found easily online and provide users with an advantage by saving time on repetitive tasks while also improving their results.

However, not all free presets are created equal; some may work well for certain projects but may not be suitable for others. With this in mind, we’ve put together a beginners’ FAQ guide to help you understand everything about free presets for Photoshop.

What Are Presets?

Presets refer to adjusted parameters of any feature available on Photoshop that have been saved in memory so they can be used again later without having to manually set them up each time.

Where Can I Find Free Presets for My Project?

There’s no shortage of places where you can find free Adobe Lightroom or even PhotoShop preset packs on the internet: blogs and websites dedicated to photography often offer multiple examples sorted according tone corrections, retouching tricks like removing small details such as pimples etc., landscape enhancers—including sunrise/sunset processing—event-specific celebratory/party themes which are always coming useful during festivities! All these resources come absolutely gratis!

Can Using Preset Packs Make Me Less Creative or Genre-Specific?

Using preset definitely saves your production time however creavity depends on how much following mainstream trends one wants themselves associated with – everyone knows ‘trendy photoshopped images’. When special effects become too commonplace or easier than avant-garde concepts being explored within original photographs captured by camera then it definitely reduces your individual charm that might occur because somebody else had invented exact same fx earlier taking away originality credits.

How Do I Install Presets Into Photoshop?

First, download the preset pack and extract in into a folder; then there are two different ways you can install presets into Photoshop.

Method 1 (manual):
– Open Adobe Photoshop
– Navigate to Edit>Presets>Preset Manager
– Choose ‘Brushes’ or if it’s an action choose ‘Action’ from the dropdown option list.
– Click on Load and browse for your new .ATN file.
– Finish by clicking OK.

Method 2 (direct import):
Click on Window > Actions > Create New Action Set; now create a new action under that set> Click Record button right next to Stop button so actions begin recording whichever changes we want such as changing colors saturation/brightness levels etc., which will be saved as Part of this newly created set. This methodology directly results in adding extra visual components making an image more elegant-looking/innovative within seconds quickening workflow time! Now one could easily reset old settings just by opening their Project’s new actn-packed folder!

Are Free Preset Packs Safe To Use For My System?

Yes, but one must make sure they’re downloaded from trusted sources as malware is bound to infiltrate devices sooner or later via the wrong online platforms – however reputable stock image websites have some great free downloads available alongside heavily discounted premium products with huge discount offers every once in awhile. So always stick to trustworthy sites like Creative Market, Envato Elements or even Unsplash where professionals come together to share only high-quality content with graphics enthusiasts alike without worrying about whether using them poses risks towards systems remaining safe against virus attacks/malware infections.

In conclusion, free presets for photoshop are very much welcomed thanks to its undeniable convenience during alteration timespun while giving us access extraordinary effects/tools increasing Final output for high-production value project management at large scale effortlessly+safely taking artistry experience many notches above what may feel pedestrian otherwise!

Top 10 Websites to Download High-Quality Free Presets for Photoshop

Photoshop presets are pre-configured settings that allow you to apply professional-looking effects to your photos with just one click. If you’re not the best at editing or don’t have much time, presets could be your ultimate solution.

The challenge is finding quality presets without breaking the bank. With so many options out there and a range of websites offering varying degrees of quality, it can be difficult to know which ones to trust.

So, whether you’re an avid photographer or social media influencer looking for beautiful presets without spending any money, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 websites where download high-quality free Photoshop Presets:

1. FilterGrade

Filtergrade offers over 500 unique and handcrafted preset packs from some of the most talented photographers in the world. They curate submissions rigorously for authenticity; their team diligently tests all submitted creations before posting them on their website.

2.Preset Love

Preset Love has collections covering everything from wedding photography to landscape shots; their offerings cater to every niche possible with over 1500 free lightroom and photoshop filters available for download! Plus they add new sets every week!


StockPresets.com provides excellent quality, authentic photo processing tools that anyone can use effortlessly! Their library boasts hundreds of free downloads including Instagram Filters both original and popular dupes– no subscription required either!


Gurus Shots give away even more than advanced photo challenges; GuruShot also provides fantastic tips curated by professionals along with phenomenal yet free resources like essential books about mastering lighting techniques – both staple qualities that make learning howto edit stress-free.


CreativeTacos has singularly whimsical preset packages packed together into concise bundles fit-to-purpose!! You will find crisp aesthetic Magic Forest Look Lightroom Mobile & Desktop Preset Bundle as well as undersea-themed Aqua Blue Underwater Photography Preset Package– perfect for aqua enthusiasts!!


Packed with over 100 world-class looking presets available for free download, PresetBase provides users a wide variety of unique and inspiring choices to make their photos look professional.

7.Lou & Marks

Lou and Mark’s package includes bright vibrant colors using Lightroom Mobile as well as Desktop Developing social media trends such as e-commerce showcasing.

8.Presets Galore

Presets Galore is dedicated solely to offering top-tier presets galore selection! So whether you are seeking vintage effects or an overlay specifically authentic-looking film camera; the preset pool has got it all—absolutely perfect when working on that nostalgic piece..


MoodyPatchers seamless options provide comprehensive neutral darks alongside strong monotones so you can capture those captivating shadows lurking beneath your subject matter without sacrificing any depth—you’ll be amazed at its success simply combining different tones might have!


VSCO made popular due to the colored light filter craze! If you’ve seen anyone sporting Daydreaming-filtered stories or Instagram posts, VSCO was probably behind it. Its consistent aesthetic makes it ideal for everything from minimalistic shots to high-fashion editorials.

Wrapping Up:

While these websites offer quality free Presets downloads there are millions more out there just waiting to spruce up your images; although some may charge fees require subscriptions restrictions—as mentioned above our list compiled covers only the best which shouldn’t hurt your pockets while making sure we include versatility!!

How to Create Your Own Custom Presets in Photoshop: A Comprehensive Guide

As a graphic designer, photographer, or creative professional, it’s essential to have the ability to streamline your workflow and make repetitive tasks quicker and easier. One way you can do this is by creating your own custom presets in Photoshop.

Custom presets are simply a collection of settings that you regularly use in Photoshop. By grouping these settings into a single preset, you can quickly apply them with just a click of a button, significantly speeding up your design process.

Now let’s get started on creating our own custom presets!

Step 1: Determine the Settings for Your Custom Preset

Firstly, identify which Photoshop features you typically use most often when editing images. For instance – your standard image size requirements (width x height), color mode preferences (RGB / CMYK), file format preferences (.jpg / .png), layer styles like drop shadows etc., and so much more.

Once you’ve decided what critical settings activate each one individually by visiting “image”, ‘mode’, ‘color balance’ etc menus from the menu bar at the top as illustrated below.

Step 2: Saving Your Settings as a Preset

After adjusting all necessary settings required for your project details that reflect what will efficiently improve speed for recurring projects save those changes as an initial step taken towards saving it as NEW PRESET soon after choosing “Save As” option under ‘‘Presets” from any workspace navigating through Edit > Preference>Presets from Tool bar option on top.

3: Give It A unique Name & Save

Consider using descriptive names when naming these new-fangled chunks of efficiency we call“presets” perhaps include something related such as project type. To accomplish that choose Options under “Presets Manager”. Next Step is clicking on ” Done ” Saving finally comes down restoring all edited aspects via another Workspace at some given point thereby increasing Workflow Speed tremendously

The Bottom Line – Adding Custom Presets Can Improve Workflow Efficiency Level Up

By creating your own Photoshop custom presets saves time and enhances consistency in repetitive tasks on many likely projects or tasks within the same project. These customized presets improve efficiency while also improving accuracy, so it’s worth taking a few minutes to setup this feature especially if you’re performing similar editing/revisions requirements regularly .Remember that each industry professional runs their work differently at times given special circumstances arising from diverse peculiarities.

Advanced Techniques: Using Free Presets in Photoshop to Enhance Your Photos like a Pro

As a photographer, you know that every image is unique and requires different editing techniques to bring out its best qualities. While there are many tools available within Photoshop for enhancing your photos, using free presets can take your edits to the next level.

Presets are pre-made adjustments applied to an image that alter various settings such as exposure, contrast, saturation, and color balance. They allow you to quickly apply complex effects with just one click of a button. The beauty of using presets in Photoshop lies in the fact that they not only help speed up your workflow but also offer endless creative possibilities.

To use free presets effectively in Photoshop for photo enhancements, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Download Free Presets

Begin by downloading some high-quality free presets suited to your preferred style or genre of photography from websites like Adobe Stock or DeviantArt.

Step 2: Install Them Into Your Library

After downloading the preset files (.atn), install them into your library by opening up Photoshop > Click on Edit > Preset Manager > Select “Preset Type” as “Actions” > Load the downloaded .atn file(s) into it.

Step 3: Apply Preset To Image

With an open project/file inside Photoshop’s workspace/Image canvas (Ctrl+O/Cmd+O) select the desired layer where unedited/original version resides then apply already loaded relevant effect/preset action created via above process (in Step#2). Each filter/adjustment has been neatly categorized under appropriate sections pertaining their intended purpose i.e., Color Correction etc which empowers users even more ability/mastery over this feature.

With these easy steps mastered and some practice experimentation anyone could enrich their post-production work amazingly fast hence devote ample time towards core aspects instead fiddling manually on small details upon multiple images/task-at-hand thus guaranteeing clients’ satisfaction without losing precious hours for amazing results!

Table with useful data:

WebsiteNumber of PresetsDescription
FilterGrade15A mix of color and style presets for various types of photos.
Presets Heaven10A selection of professional-grade presets for enhanced visual effects.
BrushLovers5A set of brush presets for creative editing.
Presetpro20Preset packs for different styles and themes, including landscape, portrait, and vintage.
Adobe Creative Cloud50+A variety of presets, including color lookup tables and effects for social media.

Information from an expert:

As a professional photographer and graphic designer, I highly recommend the use of free presets in Photoshop. Presets can help to streamline your workflow and save you valuable time. Plus, many talented photographers and designers offer their own custom-made presets for free online, which is incredibly helpful when you’re on a budget. Just keep in mind that not all presets are created equal – be sure to test them out before fully committing to any one preset pack. With the right combination of high-quality images and carefully selected presets, you can truly take your work to the next level!
Historical fact:

Free presets for Photoshop did not exist in the early days of the photo editing software. It wasn’t until years later, with the rise of online communities and social media platforms, that developers began creating and sharing their own presets for others to use. This sparked a trend that continues today, with countless websites offering free downloads of Photoshop presets for artists and photographers around the world.

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