Round and Round: How to Make Text Go in a Circle in Photoshop

Round and Round: How to Make Text Go in a Circle in Photoshop All Posts

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Make Text Go in a Circle in Photoshop

Photoshop is an incredibly powerful tool that can help you create amazing graphic designs and stunning visual effects. While it may seem daunting at first, mastering the program can open up a world of creative possibilities. One such possibility is making text go in a circle – an effect that can add flair to your designs and make them stand out.

In this step-by-step guide, we will take you through the process of making text go in a circle in Photoshop. With a little patience and some basic knowledge of the program’s tools and functions, you’ll be able to make your text follow any circular path you desire.

Step 1: Create a New Document

The first step is, of course, creating a new document to work with. Open Photoshop and select File > New from the top menu bar. In the New Document window, set the dimensions of your document as per your requirements.

Step 2: Draw a Circle Path

Next, let’s draw our circular path. Select the Ellipse Tool (U) from the toolbar on the left-hand side of your screen. Click and drag on your canvas while holding Shift to ensure that your circle stays perfectly round.

Step 3: Create Your Text Layer

Now it’s time to add some text onto our circular path. Select the Horizontal Type Tool (T) from your toolbar and click anywhere on your canvas to create a new layer for text. Type in whatever word or phrase you want – this will be repeated along our circular path.

Step 4: Set Up Your Text Settings

In order to get our text looking just right, there are certain settings we need to adjust. First off, select all of our newly created text by pressing Ctrl/Cmd + A on your keyboard or using Select > All from the top menu bar.

Next up, we want to change our font size so that our words fit perfectly around our circle path. Go into Character panel (Window > Character) and increase or decrease the font size until it looks just right.

Step 5: Transform Your Text

Now comes the fun part. We need to use Photoshop’s powerful transform tools to get our text to follow our circular path. Select our text layer and go to Edit > Transform Path > Warp. In the dropdown menu that appears, select Arc from the list of options.

Use the handles that appear around your text layer to curve it so that it follows your circular path. Play around with these handles until you’re happy with how your text is oriented.

Step 6: Adjust Your Text Alignment

In order for our words to be perfectly aligned along our circle, we may need to adjust their positioning. Go back into the Character panel and use the horizontal alignment buttons (left, center, right) to position our text just where we want it.

Step 7: Hide Our Circle Path

Now that we’ve got everything set up just right, let’s hide our circle path so that only our text is visible. Simply click on its layer in your Layers panel and press Ctrl/Cmd + H on your keyboard or click on the eye icon next to its name.

Step 8: Export Your Image

Finally, once you’re satisfied with how everything looks, go ahead and export your image by selecting File > Export As (or Save for Web if you prefer). Choose your preferred file format (PNG or JPG typically work best), adjust any necessary settings such as quality and resolution, then save!


Making text go in a circle in Photoshop may seem like a daunting task at first glance but with this step-by-step tutorial you’ll soon see just how easy it really is! By using some of Photoshop’s powerful tools like transforming paths and warping layers you can achieve some pretty amazing effects – so don’t be afraid to experiment!

FAQ: Common Questions About Making Text Go in a Circle in Photoshop

When it comes to designing graphics and layouts, Photoshop is the go-to tool for many professionals. One of its popular features is the ability to make text go in a circle which has always been an eye-catching aspect in designs. But how exactly do you create that effect? In this blog post, we’ll explore some common questions about making text go in a circle in Photoshop.

Q: How can I make text go around a circle or shape?
A: The best way to make text bend around a circular path in Photoshop is by using the “Type On A Path” tool. This tool allows you to select a path and then type on it, ensuring that your text flows along the shape’s curve perfectly.

To use the tool:

1. Select the Type Tool from the toolbar (T).
2. Click on the “Type On A Path Tool” icon located just below Horizontal Type Tool.
3. Click on the shape you want your type to follow with your new active Type On A Path cursor.
4. Start typing!

Q: Can I create different shapes for my circular text?
A: Yes! You can create any shape or form that you wish as long as you can identify where its pivot point is.

Simply draw out your desired shape using either one of Photoshops’ tools (pen/vector/path) or open up an existing image with a predefined shape ready.

Once drawn out, activate your “Type On A Path” tool as explained above but click into specific spots within your shape/image carefully identifying where each of those points will be connecting back around into one seamless form to complete your character flow around it.

This feature makes photos unique rather than regular straight line oriented banners hence increasing brand recognition thus driving sales & customer engagement.

Q: Can I edit my circular text once created?
A: Fortunately, yes! You have full control over resizing and manipulating any Text-On-A-Path – just like standard text. After selecting the Type On A Path tool you will see options to manipulate font, color, and size even of the text that clings to a circular path.

One useful tip to note as your curves get more sophisticated is that some parts of your text can become harder to read as text gets stretched or curled so ensure Text Color & Background Color are otherwise contrasting.

Q: Can I use circular texts in combination with other graphic elements?
A: Absolutely! Circular typography works great when combined with other design elements such as illustrations, patterns, or images by simply placing them behind your moving words & shape layer(s) or ways allowing character flow around them making it easy on the eye and delightful for viewers.

Circular texts have become a popular design trend in branding with its ability to create unique and captivating visuals which allows brands communicate their message uniquely. With these tips on making text go in a circle in Photoshop handy, take advantage of this nifty feature to elevate your designs today!

Top 5 Facts You Should Know About Making Text Go in a Circle in Photoshop

When it comes to graphic design and editing, there are infinite possibilities in terms of what you can achieve with different shapes and text effects. One popular effect is making text go in a circle or creating circular text. Whether it’s for designing logos, headlines, posters or other graphics, creating text that flows along the curve of a circle can add an element of creativity and aesthetics to your designs.

If you’re new to the world of Photoshop or simply want to enhance your skills, here are the top 5 facts you should know about making text go in a circle using this powerful software:

1. Use the Ellipse tool:

To create circular text in Photoshop, start by selecting the Ellipse tool from the toolbar on your left-hand side. With this tool chosen, click and drag on your artboard to create an empty oval shape.

2. Draw a path:

Once you have created your oval shape using the Ellipse tool; create a Path Layer via “Layer – New – Vector Mask – Paths.” Now select “Pen Tool” from Toolbar or press (P), draw a line with multiple anchor points around the circumference of just inside of ellipse shape.

3. Place Text along Path:

Select Text Tool (T) then click anywhere along path created by Pen Tool earlier
In order to make text follow path created in previous step select Type – Type On A Path – Emulating Text Mode option

4. Adjusting size & spacing:

You can play around with fonts size spacing etc from Character Palette (Window/Type/Character). You’ll be able to adjust font size, tracking and leading values while ensuring that your type still follow curved form defined within path

5. Adding Special Effects

Finally give some special effect feel free to create shadowing and inner layer effect sometime referred as double outline.look up photoshop tutorials online if necessary.

There you have it! These five facts will help you take on one of Photoshop’s most beautiful effects- Circular Text. Creating elegant circular text in Photoshop may take some practice and patience, but with these steps and a bit of creative experimentation, you’ll soon be able to create stunning designs that seamlessly integrate words into cylindral shapes defined using Pen Tool!

Advanced Techniques: Taking Your Circular Text to the Next Level

Circular text is one of the most versatile and eye-catching design techniques for enhancing any project. It can lend a touch of elegance, whimsy, or professionalism to a design depending on how it is executed. While there are many ways to incorporate circular text into your design, mastering some advanced techniques can take your work to the next level.

One of the first advanced techniques to employ when creating circular text is using arcs other than 360 degrees. It’s common practice to use full circles when creating this technique, but it’s possible to experiment with less traditional shapes like half-circles or ovals. These unique arcs can help draw attention to certain areas of the design or create a more dynamic feel overall.

Another approach to elevate your circular text game is working with different font styles and sizes while ensuring that they still fit nicely within the chosen arc shape. Contrasting fonts can make certain words stand out; however, it’s vital that readability isn’t sacrificed in this process-otherwise, your audience will lose interest quickly.

Adding highlights and shading effects when crafting circular text creates an appealing sense of depth – making it pop further from surrounding pictures or graphics. Adding light sources tends to indicate where shadows fall naturally- leading up overall precision in graphical content creation.

By curving individual letters and stretching them vertically or horizontally within each set, you can create uneven styled lettering known as Sketch typefaces which look interesting and exciting in their own right!

Even further tailored artistic approach would be experimenting with point size (thickness) across various strokes throughout your artwork- leading up beautifully crafted artworks even by seasoned professionals over time yielding memorable output

There are many creative possibilities when it comes to circular text designs once you become acquainted with these exclusive techniques mentioned above- taking projects beyond expectations showcasing exceptional talent following top industry standards not limited by conventional style specs! So get practicing today and soon you’ll be well on your way towards mastering this artform yourself!

Design Inspiration: Examples of Circular Text and How They Were Made

Design is all around us. From the clothes we wear to the logos we see on billboards, design plays an important role in our daily lives. As designers, we are constantly seeking inspiration from various sources – nature, art, architecture and more – to create beautiful and functional designs that stand out from the crowd. One trend in particular that has caught our attention is circular text.

Circular text refers to any form of text or typeface that flows around an imaginary circle or circular shape, rather than sitting flat on a straight line. This can add a unique visual element to typography, drawing attention to specific words or emphasizing certain phrases in a design. In this post, we’ll take a look at some inspiring examples of circular text and how they were created.

1. Starbucks

Starbucks is known for its iconic logo that features a green siren wrapped in a circle with their name surrounding it. The typeface used for “Starbucks” follows the curvature of the circle it sits within, which creates a sense of balance and harmony between the image and text.

2. Alfa Romeo

The Italian luxury car brand Alfa Romeo also utilizes circular text in their logo design. The name “Alfa Romeo” appears inside three circles that are arranged in decreasing sizes as you move towards the center of the logo. This design creates movement within their branding while still maintaining simplicity.

3. Lululemon

The popular activewear company Lululemon uses circular text prominently throughout their marketing materials and apparel designs. By wrapping slogans and quotes around different shapes ranging from circles to half-moons, they are able to make an impact with bold messaging alongside sleek presentation.

4. Keller Williams Realty

Keller Williams Realty uses creative typography by shaping each letter around an imaginary circle forming into each other’s direction but staying harmonious nonetheless-, conveying unity/solidarity over individuality/competition- representing KW & CO..

5. Electric Sky Wine

Electric Sky Wine has a unique design that features a galaxy-like texture and circular text, lending itself to the theme of the brand. By wrapping their name around an imagined sphere, they are able to communicate the feeling of high energy and artistic whimsy.

As you can see, circular text is an effective method for creating eye-catching design elements that convey different emotions ranging from stability (Keller Williams) to vibrancy (Lululemon). The possibilities are endless when it comes to utilizing this trend, as long as your chosen format or medium can accommodate its execution.

While there are many programs available for circle type creation like Inkscape, Photoshop among others- it still takes dedication to refine the skills- being aware while writing how letters vary according to the flowing shape within geometry whilst rotating in program. With practice and a good grasp on typography fundamentals – anyone can create interesting circulars texts too! So next time you’re designing something cool be sure to keep some inspiration from these above examples handy!

Troubleshooting Tips: How to Fix Common Issues When Making Text Go in a Circle In Photoshop

Photoshop is a remarkable tool, offering an array of features and tools that allow users to produce outstanding designs. One such feature is the ability to make text go in a circle, which inevitably adds an extra layer of creativity and sophistication to your artwork.

However, even with the best intentions, things can go wrong when making text go in a circle. If you have encountered issues with this task on Photoshop, do not despair. With these troubleshooting tips, you will be well-equipped to fix common issues when making text go in a circle.

1. Ensuring Proper Alignment

The alignment of your text is critical when creating circular text. When aligning the text to the path on which it lies, ensure it is directly over the center anchor point of the path. Otherwise, any adjustment you make might skew or distort the shape of the circle.

To avoid this issue with alignment – select both the path and text layers together and utilize your keyboard’s vertical alignment tools (such as ‘Ctrl+Shift+E) or use Photoshop’s alignment tool located under ‘Window’ > ‘Align’.

2. Avoiding Text Deformation

Sometimes when creating circular text graphics in Photoshop, wayward distortions may occur. This can ruin what would have been an otherwise perfect design.

To avoid deformations that occur from stretching or squishing your font – either hold down Shift while adjusting them or resize images within your pre-built file so that they fit exactly without distorting any pixels; neither option invites texture distortion on designer content areas like fonts!

3. Manipulating Letter Spacing kinks

When working with graphics that include circular font arrangements in Photoshop; spacing between letters often requires attention.To find where you need to adjust kerning value (letter spacing), open Character Panel (Window ‘Preferences’ > ‘General’. In the dialog box that pops up, check on the checkbox next to “Anti-aliased” under the “Type” section.

5. Adjusting Font Size

Using a font size that’s too small might make reading text in circular fashion challenging; opt for readability over aesthetics by committing to a suitable font size. Always preview and test your designs at different display sizes before deciding on an adequate font size.


Creating circular text takes skill and patience, but these troubleshooting tips come superhandy while solving most issues encountered during the task. Aiming to combine creative visual concept ideas within quality designs? With these tips under your belt, you can now overcome roadblocks and achieve stunning results!

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