Mastering the Art of Wrapping Text to a Circle in Photoshop

Mastering the Art of Wrapping Text to a Circle in Photoshop All Posts

Wrap Text to Circle Photoshop: Top 5 Facts You Need to Know

If you’re familiar with Photoshop, you’re probably aware of its amazing capabilities. This software is used by graphic designers to create stunning artworks and images that stay in the mind of viewers. One such feature that makes Photoshop stand out is wrap text to circle tool. It’s a unique technique that can add an extraordinary element to your designs. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 5 facts about wrap text to circle Photoshop.

1) What Does Wrap Text to Circle Means?

If you’ve never heard of it before, don’t worry! The term “wrap text to circle” refers to the process of bending or curving text along any circular path in your image. The effect creates a beautiful spiral pattern around the object, creating a visual appeal that’s hard to ignore.

2) Why Should You Use this Tool?

If you want to create designs like logos, art pieces or headings for websites and blogs that are visually appealing as well as professional-looking, then using wrap text around a circle is a must-try tool. You can use it for magazine covers or any other print media material too.

3) How Can You Use It On Your Image?

It’s quite simple actually. All you need are some basic elements –
• A circular shape on which you want the text wrapped
• A piece of text ready to be curved around the circular path.
Once those two things have been organised as layers in photoshop simply go – Type > Warp Text > Arc Up; Set Horizontal and Vertical Distortions both set at +50%. Adjust height % until satisfied.
That’s all. Then just hit ok button

4) Different Types Of Wrap Effects:

While wrapping your chosen text, there are various distort effects available in Photoshop they include
Warp options contain:
(i) ‘Horizontal’,
(ii) ‘Vertical’,
(iii) ‘Arc’,
(iv) ‘Arc lower’

Moreover, each of these options has its own sub-options that allow you to customize further the text curvature:

An example is seen in ‘Horizontal’, where you can select any one of 20 presets for your text, including the Arch, Shell Lower and Flag.

5) Limitations:

Like any software tool, this feature also has its limitations. When wrapping long phrases or sentences around a small circle, it may be difficult to read the text due to tiny fonts creating limited visibility.
In a situation like this, add space between letters and words; by doing so readability increases.


Wrap Text To Circle tool is an excellent technique that can help graphic designers produce better-looking designs with minimal fuss. By following these five key facts and tips highlighted above you should be able to wrap your text to circle effortlessly now! It’s easy once you get the hang of it – the benefits are worth practicing as it can add a unique spin to your designs making them stand out from others.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wrapping Text to a Circle in Photoshop

Photoshop is an incredibly powerful tool for graphic designers, and one of its most versatile features is the ability to wrap text around a circle. This feature can be used for everything from creating logos and branding materials, to developing eye-catching graphics for social media and advertising campaigns. However, as with any new skill or technique, it can take time to master. In this post, we’ll answer some commonly asked questions about wrapping text to a circle in Photoshop to help you get started.

1. How do I wrap text around a circle in Photoshop?

To wrap text around a circle in Photoshop:

1. Create a new document and select the Ellipse Tool (U).
2. Draw a circular shape on your canvas.
3. Select the Type Tool (T) and click anywhere inside the circular shape.
4. Type your desired text.
5. Choose Type > Convert to Shape from the top navigation bar.
6. Adjust the settings in the dialogue box as needed.

2. What are some tips for getting my wrapped text looking great?

Here are some tips to keep in mind when working with wrapped text:

– Use clear fonts that are easy to read; script fonts might not work well depending on how much curve you want your typeface to have.

– Try different sizes by selecting all of your text (using Command/Control + A) and adjusting as needed from there – this way each word will look best at its own size based on line height or font style preferences

– Experiment with spacing between letters/words so they visually align

3. Can I modify my curved type once it’s been converted into shapes?

Yes! You can still make adjustments after converting your text into shapes by using Photoshop’s Direct Selection Tool (A). This tool allows you to move individual anchor points around without changing the overall curve of your shape or reflowing your text.

4. How do I add effects like drop shadows or strokes to my curved text?

Once you have converted your text into shapes, applying effects like drop shadows and strokes is very similar to working with regular shapes. Simply select the shape layer that contains your wrapped text, and then use Photoshop’s layer styles function to add the desired effect.

5. How do I create an outline around my curved text?

To create an outline around a shape that already has wrapped text on it, you can follow these steps:

1. Separate your type from the shape by duplicating the wrapped text layer and hiding the original shape layer.
2. Convert your duplicated text into a path (using Type > Create Work Path).
3. Stroke this new path using Edit > Stroke.
4. Move the newly stroked (outlined) path layer behind your original wrapped text layer.

In conclusion, wrapping text to a circle in Photoshop can be challenging at first but with practice and these helpful tips, it will become second nature in no time! Whether you’re creating branding materials or graphics for social media posts- having this technique in your arsenal will take your designs to another level!

Unlocking the Power of Wrap Text to Circle in Photoshop: Tips and Tricks

As a graphic designer or digital artist, you know how important it is to have solid image manipulation skills. And if you’re an Adobe Photoshop user, you have a wide range of tools at your disposal to help bring your creative visions to life. One of those tools is the “wrap text” function, which allows you to create text that follows the contours of a circular shape.

Once you master the art of wrap text in Photoshop, you’ll open up all new possibilities for creating unique and eye-catching designs. To get started, let’s take a closer look at how this function works.

The first step is selecting the circular object that will serve as the template for your wrapped text. This could be anything from a basic circle shape to a more complex object like a logo or emblem.

Next, select the Text tool and create your desired block of text as normal. This can be a single word or multiple lines of copy – whatever suits your design needs.

With both the circular object and text layer selected, go to Layer > Type > Warp Text in the top menu bar. A new panel will appear with various warp style options – select “Arc” from the dropdown menu.

Now comes the fun part: by adjusting settings like bend and horizontal distortion, you can manipulate how tightly or loosely your text wraps around the circular object. Use preview mode so you can see how changes are affecting your design in real-time.

Once you’re happy with how everything looks, simply hit Enter to finalize your wrap text creation! You can now apply any additional effects or transformations as desired to complete your project.

While wrap text may seem like a minor feature within Photoshop’s vast toolkit, it has immense power when used creatively. From designing logos and product labels to experimenting with typography on posters and flyers – there are virtually limitless possibilities for integrating this technique into all sorts of design projects.

So don’t hesitate – start unlocking the full potential of wrap text in Photoshop today!

Creating Unique Designs with Wrap Text to Circle in Photoshop

As a designer, creating unique and eye-catching designs is key to standing out in a crowded market. One way to achieve this is by using wrap text to circle feature in Adobe Photoshop. This powerful tool allows you to wrap your text along a circular path and create visually stunning designs that are sure to capture attention.

The first step is to create your circular shape on the canvas. You can do this by selecting the Ellipse Tool from the toolbar, holding down the Shift key and dragging out an even circle shape onto your canvas.

Next, select the Type Tool from the toolbar and click anywhere inside the circular shape you’ve just created. This will create a new text layer with a cursor ready for you to start typing.

Now comes the fun part! In order to activate the wrap text feature in Photoshop, select your text layer and then navigate to “Type” in the top menu bar of Photoshop. From there, select “Create warped text” option from dropdown menu.

This brings up various options for warping your text including arc, bulge or shell; choose arc option which follows approximately half of elliptical path on outside edge of circle area. Adjust radius value until it fits perfectly into circular path without overlapping or distorting shape of letters too much.

Finally, if needed make adjustments such as decreasing font size or increasing letter spacing between characters so that they are more legible when wrapped around our newly created curve-shaped line!

The wrap text feature opens up endless possibilities for creating unique designs with typography that goes beyond linear shapes and ordinary layouts we’re used seeing every day – adding depth, interest and energy to our artwork effortlessly with ease.

In conclusion, using Photoshop’s Wrap Text To Circle function is a great way for designers looking at exploring something new while adding an extra dimensionality effect on their creative portfolio work or branding projects allowing designers’ creativity soar high exploring artistic capabilities beyond boxed boundaries by experimenting with typography and curves in freeform spaces.

Mastering the Art of Wrapping Text Around Shapes using Photoshop

Wrapping text around shapes is a skill that every designer must master. Whether you are creating a brochure or designing a website, you need to know how to wrap text around shapes in Photoshop. Fortunately, this isn’t hard to do if you know the right tools and techniques.

In this article, we’ll dive into a step-by-step guide on how to wrap text around shapes using Photoshop like a pro.

Step 1: Create or import your shape

First things first; you should have your desired shape ready before you proceed with wrapping the text around it. If you don’t already have one in mind, feel free to create one using any of the shape tools available on the menu bar or import one from Adobe Stock.

Step 2: Add Text

Next, add some text on your canvas. This could be your company’s slogan or any other message that you want displayed near your shape as part of the design layout.

Step 3: Wrap Text Around Shape

Now comes the fun part – wrapping the text around our pre-defined shape! Here’s how:

– Select the layer containing the text that needs to wrap
– Click on “Layer” -> “Type” -> “Wrap Text”
– A small pop-up window will appear at this point with various options for wrapping styles
– Make sure “wrap edges” is selected under style
– Adjust gap width as necessary then click OK for changes to take effect

Your wrapped text should now conform nicely into place based on your chosen path – voila!

Step 4: Tweaks and Touch-ups

While our wrapped-text already looks great so far,you can still make several adjustments before getting final approval from clients:

a) Fine-tune orientation & texture through transform controls (CMD+T)

b) Apply natural shadow effects by changing opacity level under Layer Styles=> Drop Shadow

c) Change Color Blend mode settings if desired by clicking on Blending Options, then selecting your preferred blend mode

d) Check to make sure everything is aligned and in place while also considering spacing adjustments as necessary.

Congratulations! You have successfully wrapped text around a shape using Photoshop. With this skill under your belt, you can now create stunning designs that integrate artwork seamlessly with other graphic elements, making your projects look more polished and professional.

Final Words:

With a little practice and attention to detail, anyone can master the art of wrapping text around shapes using Photoshop. What’s important is ensuring that the final output meets both client objective standards and what aesthetic sophistication is currently trending in the design industry.

If you’re still having difficulties achieving the desired result after trying these steps, consider seeking out some advanced video tutorials on YouTube or taking an online course to refresh you on best practices when it comes to utilizing Photoshop features for graphic design requirements.

From Basic to Advanced Techniques: The Ultimate Guide to Wrap Text to Circle in Photoshop

Have you ever found yourself wanting to add some pizzazz to your designs? Perhaps, you’ve seen a cool design element where text is wrapped around in a circle and wondered how it was done. Fear not! We have the ultimate guide to teach you how to wrap text to a circle in Photoshop, starting from the basics all the way up to advanced techniques.


First things first, let’s learn how easy it is to create a simple circular text path in Photoshop.

Step 1: Open Photoshop and create a new document. We recommend using a blank canvas with a transparent background.

Step 2: Select the Ellipse Tool from the toolbar on the left side of the screen. Draw your selected size ellipse by holding down Shift while dragging out your preferred shape. You can make this any size or thickness by selecting different options within this tool’s menu bar at the top of photoshop.

Step 3: Using either horizontal type or vertical type tool depending on what orientation of text output you desire from Circle Text Path Tool located near Type Mask Tool select Add Anchor Point at the top center of an ellipse then click Path Selection Tool again and start typing just like any other time!

Advanced Techniques

Now that we have mastered the basics let’s move onto more advanced techniques such as transforming our circular text path.

Step 1: Create your ellipse using steps one and two above, then head over to Layer > Type > Create Warped Text in Photoshop’s menu bar located under “Type”.

Step 2: From here, you will see many options for warping or transforming your text paths. Choose Arc, which will give us that classic curve look we’re after. Adjusted bent settings including Horizontal distortion / Vertical distortion, Bend amount percentage as per required end result on canvas Output Screen .

Step 3: Once happy with warped and bent results choose OK; Your type will now appear onscreen along with an edit box telling you that the text is warped. Position the text correctly using either Transform or Free Transform tool.

Step 4: Finally, to create a more professional look for your design make sure to adjust font sizing and kerning of words accordingly. Adjust transparency or add a stroke effect as per your design requirements.


Now that you have learned how to wrap text around in a circle using Photoshop from basic to advanced techniques, go ahead and let your creativity run wild! Whether you are creating logos, flyers or social media designs, this versatile technique can be used in numerous ways. So try it out and see how much better your design looks with wrapped circular text paths added in.

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