Mastering Crop Round in Mac Photos: A Step-by-Step Guide [With Statistics and Real-Life Examples]

Mastering Crop Round in Mac Photos: A Step-by-Step Guide [With Statistics and Real-Life Examples] All Posts

Short answer: Crop round in Mac Photos

To crop an image in a circular shape in Mac Photos, select the photo and click “Edit.” Then click on crop and choose “Circular” from the dropdown menu. Drag the circle to position it over the part of the photo you wish to keep, and click “Done” once satisfied with your selection.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: Crop Round in Mac Photos for Stunning Circle Images

Do you want to add some creativity and uniqueness to your photo collection? Are you tired of the regular rectangular shape that your photos come in? If so, then cropping your images into circles is the answer. It provides a fresh and artistic look to your photos making them stand out from the rest. And if you are wondering how to do it without breaking a sweat, we’ve got you covered! In this step-by-step tutorial, we will guide you on how to crop round in Mac Photos for stunning circle images.

Step 1: Open Mac Photos

The first step would be to open the Mac Photos application. Locate and double-click on it from the applications folder or by searching for it via Spotlight search.

Step 2: Choose an Image

Once the app launches, choose an image that you would like to edit by clicking on it. You can select multiple images if needed.

Step 3: Click Edit

After selecting an image, click on ‘Edit’ which is located at the top right corner of the window.

Step 4: Select Crop Tool

Within editing mode, locate and click on the ‘Crop’ tool situated at the bottom of your screen beside other editing tools such as filters and adjust.

Step 5: Select Aspect Ratio

After opening up the Crop tool, there will be various options with different aspect ratios available. Scroll until you see a circle icon with lines around it and click on that option – this signifies crop round. Alternatively, press Command + R keys as a shortcut method for selecting crop mode after choosing crop tool.

Step 6: Adjust Circle Size

You can now adjust your circle size within square options across edges of picture – whilst dragging corners rather than straight line – as desired using two fingers or cursor pointer simultaneously using trackpad or mouse respectively till correct scale is achieved

Steps 7 & 8 – Finalize Edits & Save Changes

Once satisfied with adjustments made, click on ‘Done’ at the bottom left corner of the window. You can now save changes by either clicking on ‘Save’ or pressing Command + S keys as a shortcut method.

Voila! You have now successfully cropped your image into a circle shape. Simple, right? Now you can admire your new circle photo, and share it with friends and family via social media or send it out for printing – knowing that you’ve garnered some attention with your unique style!

In conclusion, cropping round in Mac photos is an easy process that anyone can learn. It just takes a few clicks, some basic understanding of the tools at hand and experimentation towards overall creative art form to achieve stunning circle images. So go ahead and try it out yourself; we look forward to seeing what incredible photo compositions you come up with!

FAQs on Using the Crop Round Feature in Mac Photos: Answers to Your Burning Questions

Are you a Mac Photos user who has been trying to make the most out of the Crop Round feature? Do you have burning questions about how to use it effectively? If so, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we will be answering some of the most frequently asked questions about using the Crop Round feature in Mac Photos.

What Is the Crop Round Feature?

For those who may not know, the Crop Round feature is a photo editing tool in Mac Photos that allows you to crop your photos into circular shapes. This can add an interesting touch to your photos and create artistic effects.

How Do I Use It?

Using the Crop Round feature in Mac Photos is quite simple. First, open up the photo that you want to edit. Then click on Edit in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Once you’re in editing mode, look for and click on “Crop” from the toolbar at the bottom of your screen. You’ll see several crop options – look for “Circle” and select it. Voila! Your photo is now cropped as a circle.

Can I Adjust The Size Of The Circle?

Yes, absolutely! Simply drag one of the corners or edges of your circle towards or away from its center point until it’s at your desired size.

Why Doesn’t My Photo Look Centered After Cropping It As A Circle?

This often occurs if there’s a significant amount of empty space around your subject before cropping it into a circle. If this happens, simply click on ‘Show overlay’ from the toolbar at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen after selecting ‘circle’. An outline will appear over your image allowing for perfect placement and centering inside a circle shape.

Is There A Way To Undo Any Mistakes While Editing?

Yes! Mac Photos has an undo/redo button that can be found at its usual location: Edit > Undo or redo (Command + Z).

Can I Save My Cropped Photo As A New File Or Export It To Use Elsewhere?

Certainly! Once you’re happy with your cropped photo, click on ‘Done’ from the upper right-hand corner of the editing window, and it will automatically save to the original file. Alternatively, to create a separate file in addition to the original one or export as a specific image format, like JPEG or PNG., click on ‘File’, then ‘Export’ (or press Command + Shift + E), select your preferred Image Format & location, typically in Finder for Mac OS users.

We hope we’ve been able to answer all your burning questions about using the Crop Round feature in Mac Photos effectively. With these tips in mind, you should now be equipped with everything you need to add an artistic touch and make creative edits to your photos. Happy editing!

Top 5 Benefits of Cropping Round Shapes in Mac Photos for Unique and Creative Output

As a photographer, you always strive to create stunning and unique images that captivate the viewer’s attention. In today’s digital era, image editing has become an integral part of the process to unleash your creativity and make your photographs stand out. The Mac Photos app provides powerful tools such as the crop feature that allows you to trim down images into different shapes. However, nothing beats cropping round shapes when it comes to creating distinctive and captivating pictures. Let us discuss the top 5 benefits of cropping round shapes in Mac Photos for unique and creative output.

1. Focus on a Specific Subject

Cropping round shapes allow you to focus on a specific subject in your photo while eliminating all distractions around it. By trimming down extra elements outside the circle, viewers are redirected towards the center focal point of the picture. This technique draws their attention directly where you want them to look, making it easier for them to appreciate the beauty of your image.

2. Adding Intensity

Round shaped crop transforms average photographs into something extraordinary by adding intensity and depth within the frame. A circular shape creates an end point that helps emphasize what is essential in your photograph while minimizing any unnecessary details left out from its original rectangular or square form.

3. Creating Dynamic Patterns

One of the most interesting things about using round shape crops is how they can be transformed into dynamic patterns within pictures containing multiple subjects or objects such as sculptures, flowers or buildings.. This feature allows photographers like yourself not only generate visual stimulation but also gives you flexibility in co-creating visually engaging layouts ready for publishing.

4. Enhancing Symmetry

Science suggests human beings find symmetry aesthetically pleasing. Cropping round with symmetric framing can easily enhance this quality within compelling pictures creating extraordinary visuals guaranteed to appeal across diverse audiences irrespective of preferences.

5.Creating Interesting Visual Effects .

Lastly whether self taught/autodidact or trained/educated photographer one inherits creativity & true passion for visual storytelling. Cropping in a round shape allows you to create incredible visual effects, adding professional edge to all images. As circular crops push the boundaries of conventional photography techniques often resulting in phenomenal creative output.

In conclusion, cropping round shapes is an effective way to enhance your photos’ aesthetic value by creating unique compositions that captivate viewers’ attention. The Mac Photos app offers versatile editing tools that make it easy for photographers at all levels to use circular crop features within images effortlessly. Open up the app on your Mac and start exploring its full potential today!

How to Achieve a Professional Look with Circular Cropping Using Mac Photos

Achieving a professional look in your photos can be a challenge, but there are simple techniques that you can easily apply to achieve that result. One of these techniques involves circular cropping using Mac Photos – and today, we’re going to explore this method in detail.

First things first, let’s take a step back and understand what circular cropping is all about. Basically, it’s a technique where you crop your photo into a circle (rather than the traditional rectangular shape) with the intention of focusing the viewer’s attention on the subject or object at hand.

Now, let’s get into how you can achieve this using Mac Photos.

Step 1: Open Your Photo

The first step is to open your photo in Mac Photos by double-clicking on it. This will open up the editing suite, which is where we’ll carry out our magic!

Step 2: Click “Edit”

Once your photo has been opened up in editing mode, click on the “Edit” button located towards the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Step 3: Choose “Crop”

The next step is to select “Crop” from amongst the available editing options. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Command + K.

Step 4: Select “Custom”

Once you’ve chosen Crop, select “Custom” as opposed to any of the preset ratios displayed beneath it.

Step 5: Set The Circle Ratio

This is where things get interesting! In order to crop your image into a circle – as opposed to one of those standard rectangle shapes – set both height and width ratio values as equal numerical values (for instance 1 for height and 1 for width). This will give you a perfect circle!

Next hit “Apply.”

And voila! In just five simple steps, you have now magically transformed your ordinary rectangular photograph into an artistic one that packs more punch when it comes to visual appeal!

Circular cropping is an effective way to make your photos stand out, drawing the viewers’ attention to specific elements of your image. It’s a quick and easy technique that can be applied in almost an instant, with surprisingly fantastic results!

But remember – just because it’s simple doesn’t mean you should overdo it! While circular cropping is an great approach, too much of a good thing can quickly become too much. It’s essential to strike the right balance and use this method judiciously for maximum impact.

So go ahead and try out the power of circular cropping for yourself – who knows where your newfound skills could take you?

Expert Tips & Tricks for Perfecting the Art of Crop Round on Mac Photos

The world of photography has been revolutionized thanks to digital advancements. Gone are the days of developing film in a darkroom – we now have powerful editing tools at our fingertips. One such tool is Crop Round, which is available on Mac Photos.

Taking a great photograph involves more than just clicking a button. Composition plays an important role as well. And that’s where Cropping comes in – it allows us to improve our composition and take better shots.

Whether you’re new to photo editing or simply looking to up your game, these expert tips and tricks for perfecting the art of Crop Round on Mac Photos will be a valuable resource for you:

1. Know Your End Goal

Before cropping your image, consider what your end goal is. Are you trying to create a square crop for Instagram? Perhaps you want to make the subject the focus or remove unwanted objects from the frame? Once you know what your end goal is, it’s easier to determine how much should be cropped.

2. Keep an Eye on Aspect Ratio

Maintaining aspect ratio is crucial when cropping images – it ensures that there are no distortions which could ruin an otherwise beautiful photo. To maintain aspect ratio while using Crop Round on Mac Photos, press and hold down Shift+B before dragging any corner handle.

3. Avoid Cutting Off Heads or Limbs

When cropping people into photos, avoid cutting off their heads or limbs – it can look awkward and unnatural! Instead, think about how you can position the person in your shot so there aren’t missing parts when cropping.

4. Rule of Thirds

When cropping landscapes, follow the rule of thirds by dividing your image into thirds both horizontally and vertically thus forming 9 equal boxes or gridlines (four intersections). This helps create more visual interest within an image by placing subjects along with those lines without making them dead-center for example horizon line between sky and water body – this makes photo interesting instead of a dull horizon.

5. Experiment with Different Shapes

Crop Round on Mac Photos allows you to crop in unique shapes which can add additional interest to your final image. Try using the elliptical tool for a soft, rounded look or the rectangular tool for something more traditional.

These are just some of the tips and tricks that can help perfecting the art of Crop Round on Mac Photos. With a little practice, patience and creativity, you’ll be cropping your way to stunning edits!

From Basic to Advanced: Explore the Many Possibilities of Crop Round in Mac Photos.

Mac Photos is a photo management and editing software, which is already a popular choice among photographers for its easy-to-use interface and plethora of features. One of the standout features in Mac Photos is Crop Round or Circle Photo, which allows you to crop your photos into circular shapes. While it may seem like a basic feature at first glance, with some creativity and advanced techniques, you can explore many exciting possibilities.

The basic use of Crop Round in Mac Photos is pretty straightforward – select the photo you want to edit, click on the edit button, choose Crop from the toolbar and then click on Crop Round. You can adjust the size of your circular crop by dragging the corners of the circular selection box. Once you are happy with your crop, simply click done to save your changes.

Now that you know how to use Crop Round let’s dive deep into some advanced ways that you can use this feature:

1) Create Engaging Social Media Posts

In today’s era where social media presence is a must-have requirement for most businesses, sports teams, influencers or celebrities using circular images has become somewhat of an art form over time. By taking advantage of Mac Photo’s built-in Crop Round feature and creating circle crops instead of traditional square or rectangle shapes; businesses & individuals alike have found success in drawing attention to their profiles while creating cohesive visual branding across all platforms simultaneously.

2) Design Unique Business Cards

Using circles on business cards adds an extra level of uniqueness making one stand out more easily among other cards. By going beyond just simply round cropping images and designing custom backgrounds within that circle shape helps improve brand awareness through beautifully crafted designs that would make professional marketers envious!

3) Maintain Visual Consistency Across All Channels

Is branded merchandise important to your company? With options like custom T-shirts, mugs or even bags imprinted with logos- it’s essential that all graphics including logos maintain their visual consistency across social channels too! Circular designs could aid in tying branding efforts together – creating unity amongst all brand elements- elevating whatever it is you are promoting.

4) Make Digital Scrapbook More Creative

Photoshop’s image cropping option can also be used to create a creative scrapbook, combining various resized circular photos on single page layouts. You can arrange these circle crops in various positions and sizes for an artistic look that surely everyone will love.


Crop Round is one of the many features of Mac Photos that provides some exciting opportunities to explore your creativity further. From social media posts and designing business cards to maintaining visual consistency across all channels and making digital scrapbooks more creative – possibilities are endless when it comes to Crop Round feature on MAC Photos; unleash your imagination today!

Table with useful data:

Crop RatioDescription
1:1 SquareCreates a square crop
16:9 WidescreenCreates a widescreen crop with an aspect ratio of 16:9
4:3 StandardCreates a standard crop with an aspect ratio of 4:3
3:2 ClassicCreates a classic crop with an aspect ratio of 3:2
5:7 PortraitCreates a portrait crop with an aspect ratio of 5:7

Information from an expert: The crop round feature in Mac Photos is a powerful tool that can help you create unique and engaging images. By selecting this option, you can easily crop your photo into a circular shape, creating a more professional and visually interesting result. Whether you’re looking to enhance your social media profile picture or add some flair to your next project, the crop round feature is definitely worth exploring. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different image compositions and see how this tool can take your photography skills to the next level.

Historical fact:

Crop and round tools in Mac Photos were first introduced in the Photos app update for macOS Sierra in 2016, making it easier for users to enhance their images.

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