Mastering the Art of Putting Text on a Circle in Photoshop

Mastering the Art of Putting Text on a Circle in Photoshop All Posts

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Putting Text on a Circle in Photoshop

When it comes to designing eye-catching graphics or logos, incorporating text into a circular shape can be a great way to make your design stand out. But how do you achieve this effect in Photoshop? Here are the top 5 things you need to know about putting text on a circle in Photoshop.

1. Start with the Shape Tool

The first step is to create the circular shape that will contain your text. To do this, choose the Ellipse tool from the toolbar and hold down Shift as you drag your cursor outward to create a perfect circle. You can also adjust the size of your circle by clicking and dragging one of the selection handles.

2. Convert Your Text into Paths

Next, use the Type tool to add your desired text inside the circular shape. Once you’ve added your text, right-click on the Text layer and select “Convert to Shape.” This will convert your text into paths that can be manipulated along with the circle.

3. Use Path Selection Tool

Now that your text is converted into paths, use the Path Selection tool (black arrow) from the toolbar to move or adjust it along with the circle. You can click on each anchor point and drag it in any direction, allowing for complete control over where and how your text appears within its circular container.

4. Play Around With Font Styles & Sizes

As with any design element, experimenting with different font styles and sizes can make all the difference when working with circular text in Photoshop. Try mixing different fonts together or adjusting their sizes to create unique effects that match your vision for your design.

5. Consider Change Curvature of Text Using Warp

Finally, if you want even more control over how your circular text appears, try using Photoshop’s “Warp” feature under Transform from Edit menu dropdown options which allows changing curvature of already warped curve edges in further details as per requirement , this gives precise customizations options beyond just normal distortions transformations.

In conclusion, putting text on a circle in Photoshop is very simple and easy to achieve with the right tools and techniques. From creating your circular shape to manipulating your text within it, playing around with fonts styles and sizes, or even using Warp feature for more details warping options can help you create stunning designs that will stand out from the rest. Give these tips a try next time you want to add some circular text to your visuals!

Frequently Asked Questions about Putting Text on a Circle in Photoshop

As a graphic designer or anyone dealing with typography, working with text in shapes like circles is not uncommon. Creating this design element can be challenging, especially when using software like Photoshop. It requires the use of specific techniques to achieve perfection and avoid common mistakes.

Are you wondering how to put text on a circle in Photoshop? Here are some frequently asked questions about designing with circular text in Adobe Photoshop.

1. Can I create curved text on a path?

Yes, you can. The easiest way to achieve this is by creating a shape that follows the curve you intend your text placement to take, then typing your content onto the path.

To add text along that curved path,

– Select the type tool in Photoshop
– Click on one of these two glyphs underneath until you see an Insert Path option:
– The horizontal or vertical (T) icon
– Selecting the Type drop-down option from the toolbar
– Click anywhere along the path where you would like to start typing.

2. How do I keep my words spaced out around the circle evenly?

To make sure that each word maintains equal distance around your circular shape,

– Open either Illustrator or InDesign
– Use its Ellipse Tool to generate ideal round shapes and spaces.
– Draw lines dividing it equally into as many sections as required,
– Ensure there’s an even amount of sections for best practice.

Paste those lines back into your flattened .psd file and position them so that they cross over at their intersection points at equal intervals around your circular outline.

3. Can I change my Texts Alignment?

You have six alignment options available while animating texts on a circle:

– Left justified
– Centered
– Right justified
– Justified using both margins
– Align toward Spine.
And Align away from Spine.

Once you have typed the desired words and inserted them on your chosen path, select ‘Move tool’ or press V on the keyboard. Then, use the Align options in Photoshop to get your text into postion.

4. How do I rotate my text on a circular path?

Perhaps you’re looking for sculptural dimension by rotating different letters which make up a word or phrase around using a variety of font weights and colors? If that’s so, then you’ll need to follow these steps:

– Highlight all of your texts
– Press Cmd+T (Ctrl+T).
– Move your cursor outside of the bounding box and then click-and-drag while holding Shift until the transformation is complete.

If utilizing free transform doesn’t work to manipulate the rotation you want to achieve, there’s another alternative:

To avoid distortion,

– Create an empty layer,
– Select the Pen Tool (P) having checked ‘Paths’ at the top bar,
– Trace a half circle along your initial circle copy.
The next step is to then flip that path vertically so it’s inverted, leaving its central point in alignment with where leftmost and rightmost elements of our regular circle appear.
Copy this new path containing alternating colours and paste it onto an empty layer above our original circular outline by tipping into Command+Any Arrow button commands.

Next select Layer > Type > Create Warp Text. From there, navigate through along Arc type – ensure Bend option reads 10% – adjust accordingly based on desired result – OK.

The tips highlighted above would help guide in creating perfect circular examples with customised text placement tailored for individual design needs. By following these tips on how to put text around a circle on Photoshop, designers can achieve clean accurate shapes plus maintain ease getting the ideal results.

Master the Basics: Putting Text on a Circular Path in Photoshop

As a graphic designer, it’s always essential to have versatile design skills. One such skill is to put text on a circular path in Photoshop. This technique allows you to create amazingly unique designs that give your artwork an edgy style. Mastering this technique will elevate your designs and make them stand out from the crowd.

Here’s how you can master the basics of putting text on a circular path in Photoshop:

Step 1: Open Your Canvas

First, open Photoshop and create a new document or open an existing one where you want to put text around the circle. In this tutorial, we’ll be using a blank canvas.

Step 2: Create a Circle

Next, create a circle with either the Ellipse Tool or any Shape Tool of your choice. Hold down Shift+Alt/Option while dragging to keep the shape locked into a perfect circle.

Step 3: Add Text

Now select the Type Tool (T) from the toolbox and click anywhere inside the document area. The cursor will appear blinking showing that you’re ready to start typing.

Type in your desired text; then select it all by pressing Control/Command + A on your keyboard or clicking and dragging over it with the cursor. Alternatively, click on Select All from Edit at the top of your screen.

Step 4: Place Text Along Path

With all of our characters highlighted, go up to the top navigation menu bar and choose “Type” > “Create Work Path.” This will turn our typed letters into editable vector paths that we can use for our circular alignment purposes.

Next, go back up to “Type” > “Type On A Path” > “Options.” In here we will choose which side of our circle we want our type placed on – whether it should sit atop or below it.

For example if we selected ‘top,’ as seen here:

| |
| Burrito |

Our text will appear along the path and thus be skewed upward to appear along with a top curve of our circle.

Step 5: Adjust Text Settings

You can adjust your text settings to make it more readable. Click on the Character panel above to open it up, where you can play around with font size, style, tracking (distance between letters), baseline shift and so on until you achieve the look you want.

It’s worth mentioning at this stage that different fonts have different shapes and styles, which may or may not be suitable for circular placement. And too small size may also result in unreadable text so be sure to test different options until you find what works best for your design.

Step 6: Finalize Your Design

Once you’re happy with your text placement along the circle and other design elements like colors, background images if any- go ahead and flatten everything before exporting or printing out as preferred.

With this basic concept in mind, we now have a new tool in our arsenal that creates amazing circular designs with ease. It’s important to remember that practice makes perfect; keep experimenting with different techniques till you become more comfortable working with them.

In summary:

Photoshop is an incredibly powerful graphic design tool that lets artists master creative concepts such as putting texts on circular paths. Be sure to try out the steps outlined above when developing unique creations using Photoshop. By taking advantage of these innovative techniques available within Photoshop, graphically savvy individuals can create designs capable of captivating their intended audiences while enhancing brand messaging efforts.

Tips and Tricks for Creating Dynamic Circular Text Using Photoshop

If you’re looking to create eye-catching designs for your next project, consider experimenting with circular text. Circular text can add a unique and dynamic element to your designs, making them stand out from the crowd. In this blog post, we’ll share some tips and tricks for creating stunning circular text using Photoshop.

Tip #1: Choose the Right Font

When it comes to circular text, not all fonts are created equal. You want to choose a font that is easy to read when curved around a circle. Fonts with clean lines and no serifs tend to work best for circular text as they maintain legibility even when distorted. Script or decorative fonts may be difficult to read when curved, so it’s important to select a font carefully.

Tip #2: Create Your Circle

Before you begin curving your text around a shape, you need to have your circle shape ready. To create a perfect circle in Photoshop, use the Shape tool by selecting Ellipse (U) shape from the toolbar option while holding Shift key on your keyboard which will enable you to draw an symmetrical circle.

Tip #3: Use Warp Text Tool

The Warp Text tool is invaluable when it comes to creating circular typography in Photoshop. With this tool, you can easily curve or bend your words along any arc angle of the circle; It can warp individual letters horizontally or vertically within themselves.

To access this feature, highlight the text layer in the Layers panel and click on fx situated on bottom right corner -> Transform -> Warp Text menu options or simply press (Alt + Ctrl + Shift + T).

From here you try different settings such as Arch Curve or Twist settings until getting desire result.

Tip #4: Don’t Be Afraid of Overlapping

One way to make your circular text look more dynamic is by overlapping letters over each other either on top of another or under one another hiding certain parts of other letter adding depth into design.

However it important to not overdo overlapping as it can make the text look overwhelming, so be sure to use it sparingly and thoughtfully.

Tip #5: Experiment with Colors

When done right, using different colors within your circular typography can create a striking effect that adds an additional layer of visual interest. Experimenting with contrasting colors or tones can make overlapped text difficult-to-read; Use appropriate contrast for your background if you are placing your design on some certain product such as t-shirts or stands.


Creating Circular Text using Photoshop is a perfect way to add dynamic and unique elements into any design project. By following these few tips, you have all the tools you need to craft incredible-looking circular text designs!

Be patient while creating Circular Text in Photoshop as there many ways to achieve unique effects and warping letter between them is tricky but very rewarding. Keep trying new settings based on your requirements for better results!

The Importance of Proper Alignment When Putting Text on a Circle in Photoshop

As a graphic designer, you should always be looking for ways to improve the visual interest of your design projects. One technique that can add excitement and intrigue to your designs is incorporating text on a circle. But, as simple as this might seem, placing text on a circular path in Photoshop can be quite tricky. Getting the alignment right is key for your text to look its best and avoid any distortions.

Below are important reasons why proper alignment when putting text on a circle in Photoshop is crucial:

1. Avoiding distortion: The main issue with placing text on a circular path using Photoshop is the possibility of distortion. When you don’t get the alignment right, portions of the text could become stretched or compressed, making it difficult to read or downright illegible.

2. Symmetry: For your text to appear aesthetically pleasing with good overall symmetry, it’s crucial to understand how circles work visually so that your lines remain fluid even around curves.

3. Consistency: If you’re designing something repetitive like badges or logos that feature multiple texts arranged along circles, getting them consistently lined up will make them seem professional and polished instead of haphazard and rushed.

To achieve proper alignment when putting text on a circle in Photoshop:

1. Use shape tools: The easiest way to create circular paths in Photoshop without having issues with distortion is by using shape tools under “Tools.” Select either Ellipse Tool (O) or Circle Tool (U) depending on what kind of rounded shape you desire then click and drag where you want it placed.

2. Create type layers: Once you have created the circular path, create another layer above it which will be designated for adding your desired font styles from Type Tool(T). On this new type layer, select “Path Selection Tool” so that it switches input method from typing words out onto canvas straightaway or dragging pretyped words inside said type box directly over specified elliptical size (and location) of circle where text is eventually going to go.

3. Adjust your font: You will notice that placing text on a circle takes more effort than aligning them in a straight line. After inputting words into the shape, use “Character Panel” located under Window -> Character to customize fonts by choosing different sizes, styles, and kerning.

4. Align to path: Finally, under “Type” on Photoshop’s menu bar, select ‘Type on a Path’ -> ‘Options.’ Here you can choose between either ‘Rainbow’ or ‘Skew,’ specifying the type’s z-axis position relative to the curve formed by your circular path shape drawing.

In conclusion, adding circular text to your designs using Photoshop is an easy way to create visually appealing projects. But proper alignment is crucial for it to look professional and polished instead of distorted and confusing. As any experienced designer knows – taking time at the outset gets results in the long run!

Innovative Ways to Incorporate Circular Text into Your Designs with Photoshop.

Circular text is an incredible design element that can add a unique touch to your project. Whether you are creating a logo, a banner or any other project, circular text can give it an interesting visual appeal. Circular text is a challenging element to incorporate into your designs since creating it manually takes too much time and effort, but with Photoshop, creating circular text has never been easier!

In this blog, we’re going to show you some of the innovative ways to incorporate circular text into your designs with Photoshop.

1. Create an arched pathway

If you want to create circular texts for names or slogans on a curved path such as arches, then Photoshop’s Elements 2020 version has got just the tool for you. Creating arched pathways using this particular tool is way easier than manually drawing them out. First, select the Pen Tool and create an arc path where the circle will be placed. Then select “Create Warped Text” from the Type menu and click on “Arc”. Enter in your desired settings such as horizontal distortion or vertical bend until the circular text adheres perfectly around your chosen archway.

2. Use Warp Transform

Another great feature in Photoshop that helps users incorporate curved texts into their designs is by using “Warp Transform.” It allows designers to distort images in different ways like arching them along unparallel lines or protruding them outward on top of objects such as vehicles or buildings They simply need to convert text into a Smart Object through selecting Layer > Convert To Smart Object before right-clicking on their object and choosing “Warp Transform” from the transform options.

3. Utilize Layer Styles

Layer Styles can instantly add depth and dimensionality when applied correctly which includes incorporating curved textual elements together with gradients and shadows for emboss effect amongst others.Going back again with Type creator option found in Adobe Photoshop’s Edit Command Centre.Click ‘Path’at the top of page then draw curves with the adjustable Pen Tool to highlight the right shape of the circular text. Confirm whether the “Shape Layers” are still there, as Layer Styles only work with them.Clip on the Layer Style you wish to employ and choose Gradient Overlay along with Angled Stroke for reflectivity or blending effects.

4. Make Use of Free Transform

Using free transform function in Photoshop can be a real asset when working with circular texts.The user can simply select their desired layer and transform it by hitting Ctrl/Cmd + T then right-clicking choosing “Warp.”This will prompt an array of warp options that cater to one’s specific needs until a desired result manifests in front of them.

In conclusion, incorporating circular text into your designs is a fun way to add more interest, appeal, and creativity. Using Photoshop’s features including warping tools, freeform option,color blends amongst others have been discussed here help bring this idea into fruition.Toying around these techniques would not only save time but also provide results beyond expectations. Go ahead! incorporate those similar techniques into your crafts today and witness how unique they appear compared to other works around you.

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